Nana Diana Takes A Break

Nana Diana Takes A Break

Friday, July 21, 2017


Be quiet, Peter~
Quit Crying!

There are about a
gazillion people out here
but I can't SEE
your Mom!

Wait a minute!

THERE she is!

Mrs. Pansywhacker
could you come back here?

Peter got so nervous that
he started to cry..
and then he peed his pants..
and when the teacher
went to hug him and tell
him it was okay
he puked down her back!!

Now she said we
may not even
HAVE this darned old
summer pageant.

Can you just come and get him?
He smells gross and
he is ruining everything!!!!
Good Housekeeping ad-American Girl
To the advertiser: If you would like your graphics removed please notify me.

Have a great weekend.

Our internet, cable, phone service
has been disrupted and 
off and on for the last few days
due to the storms in this area.
Bear with me as I make my way
around to visit.
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Sunday, July 16, 2017


It is always fun for me to see
who picks which table.

Some of you, 
I can almost guess---
but some of you surprise me.

There were some 
and some 
but no one ended up sitting alone---
and if they had
you can bet that is the table I would be at...
I would have the undivided attention
of a one person audience....
something that never happens
around here!

These are a little bit of work 
to put together but 
SO MUCH FUN! we go!
Roses. Roses, Roses

Jenn, Linda, Susie, Nancy, Louise, Sheri,
Mary, Wanda, Cindy, Nancy, Sylvia &

Black Beauty

Lauren, Lori B, Jettie, Suzan & Cyn.

Planked & Pretty

Ellie, Rachel, Sugar, Debbie, Noreen, LV, Connie,
Lorraine, Amy, Lisa, Carol, Cheryl, Amy(ToodyGoo),
Donna,Susan, Kim, Kathleen, Nancy, Petie, Ckrut,
Leena, Cecelia (by the skin of her teeth)
& Susan&Bentley...(also by the a nanosecond)

Sweetly Informal

Kathy, StartingOver, Vee, Lori, Lorrie, Connie,
Martha Ellen, Kay, Lorraine, Donna

Barnside Blues

Patty,  Fran, Julie. AnneMarie, Rose, Jane, 
Debby & Carla

Sit Down With Citrus

Debra, Mildred, Beach Gypsy, Denise, Jada
Ron & Adam (Adam popped in but didn't vote)
I put Adam at Ron's table because I know he 
will corrupt him with cocktails!

Balloons & Buckets

Sue, ZK, Sandie, Jeanie & Alicia

If you didn't sign your real name,
I just used the name 
that shows up when you post.
I know some of you don't like 
your 'real name'
out there.
I know most of you but won't 'out' you!  lol

Hope you have a 
I will be around Tuesday with 
some sort of nonsense.
You know I will!

Thank you all so much for playing along.
I have lots of fun with this.
If I missed anyone- I am so sorry--
I double checked and hope
I didn't leave anyone out.
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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Eight years ago today
after a long, arduous labor this
sweet boy was born
into our family.

He has been such a blessing to us.
He is smart, sweet, silly
and has a tender heart
and he LOVES saving money.

We won't be with him today
to celebrate-
because he lives 6+ hours away
but we are with him in spirit
and called to wish him a

We might even have a present
for you, Big E!
Your mom will give it to you for us!

MAYBE it is 
markers you can share with your sister!
In case she runs out!
We all know how much fun
that is!

Maybe it will be something
for your 
Please DO NOT bring him into 
early in the morning
when I am visiting!

Waking up next to Papa is scary enough!

Have a great birthday, Ethan!
We love you to the moon and back!!!!
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Friday, July 14, 2017

HEY! I DIDN'T TAKE HER GOLD TEETH!!! Funny on Friday- AdNonsense

Thank you so much!
I love this necklace too.
You know Aunt Felicia always promised me
that it would be mine someday.

Well, when I went to the wake and
noticed that she was WEARING it..
I kind of panicked.

So, the next day when I went to the
funeral I made sure I was
the last one in line before
they closed the casket.

I leaned down to kiss her
and snatched that thing off her
neck quicker than a duck
on a Junebug,
slipped it in my pocket
and no one was the wiser.

After all, a promise is a promise!
Nancy's Ad-Coastal Living
If the advertiser would like this ad removed-please notify me.

Have a most wonderful weekend...

I will post the results of the
Pick Your Favorite 
Summer Wedding Table
in a day or so...
still time to

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Thank all of you that have prayed for

bj's (SweetNothings) husband, Bill.

Sometimes we don't get the outcome
we want when we send up prayers.
We pray for a cure and hope against hope
that it will happen on Earth 
so that our family unit can remain unbroken.

However, sometimes that cure
comes in a form 
that we don't want to experience.

We all prayed for a healing for Bill
but that healing did not come--
at least not as we understand healing.

That being said,
I do believe that Bill is healed now.
He is beyond all earthly pain and sorrow
and while his journey has ended here,
the journey for bj and her children
and grandchildren to heal has just begun.

Please lift them up in prayer.
If you are not a pray-er,
please send them well-wishes 
and kind thoughts.

The earth lost a good, gentle soul.
RIP, Mr.Sweet.
To the heavens and beyond!!
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I am still getting caught up
since returning from Florida.

I will share some of that trip soon
I promise!!!

TODAY we are going to have another

Here's the deal-
The budget is unlimited.
You feel good about yourself  and have the
perfect outfit to wear.
This is an INDOOR wedding.

Today the weather is not predictable so 
the reception is INSIDE.
Got it? Okay~



Planked & Pretty

Sweetly Informal & Intimate

Barnside Blues

Sit Down With Citrus

Balloons & Buckets For The Bride

So- You know the routine.
Place your vote.
I'll tally up the votes and tell you
who you'll be sitting with!

Here is our Ria when she was little.
She was a flower girl at a wedding.
This was in a national publication:
Look at that hair!  
It was a hot sticky day and it
was an outdoor wedding.
I'll be around to play catch up today~

after I get done pushing the boys at the VA around
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Friday, July 7, 2017


I'm back with another
take on an old ad.

Samantha Saveslots
hadn't bought
detergent in over a year.

Benston did such a good
job that when he was
done she
simply put the
dishes back
the cupboard...

Maybe I should join one of those 
Frugal Groups
and post this!?!

Have a wonderful weekend.
I hope to get some pictures of my vacation
posted this next week.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017





10:45 pm LAST NIGHT.





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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

PRAYER UPDATES: Kristen & Baby--Leena's hubby, Jim--bj's hubby, Bill

I was going to do an update 
this coming weekend but decided to go ahead
and update you today.

Thank you for all your prayers
for Kristen & her unborn baby boy.
You can read about that here.

You will be happy to know that 
Kristen delivered a healthy baby boy 
by C-Section this morning.
Thank you for all your prayers.
Even the doctors were worried about them.
On  a sadder note,
I have an update on Leena's hubby, Jim.
The world of medicine has informed Leena
that there is nothing more they can do for Jim.
They are transferring him 
to some type of hospice care.
Please continue to keep him/Leena/family
in your prayers.

And, last but not least,
an update on
our dear bj's (Sweet Nothings) hubby, Bill.
He is home with hospice care.
Please keep them in your prayers as they 
walk the path they are on.

Thanks to all of you that have prayed
and sent well-wishes to them.
Thanks, too, to those of you that 
send your love and support.

If you are not a pray-er, please send
healing thoughts and love their way.

I will keep you posted as I hear more.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

I plan to be back blogging full time in the next week or so.
Love to all of you- Diana
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Monday, July 3, 2017


It is a day for celebration

for most of us.

We wave our flags 

and grill our burgers

and wolf down our hot dogs.

We stand in line for dripping

ice cream cones

and we stare at the sky

in awe as fireworks

feed us a feast for our eyes.

We are free.

What a blessing to be free.

But that freedom comes at a cost.

A big cost.

I see it every day I work at the VA.

I see the sacrifices made

 by men and women

to ensure our freedom.

So, take just a moment today

and whisper a


to all those that fought for us

on this, and foreign, land.

Wing a prayer up 

for those families left behind

when their sons and daughters,

husbands and wives,

mothers and fathers

gave their lives for all of us.

Say a prayer, too,

for all those who served

and whose lives are forever altered.

Prayers, too, for those in


I am so in debt to all of you!

I will leave you with one of my

very favorite photos

of SweetCheeks.

This was taken on our dock

about 5 years ago when the

fireworks were

bursting in the air over the bay.

THAT is 


I hope I never lose that


and I hope I never lose

my appreciation for this


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Saturday, July 1, 2017


I am home from my get-away
and had a wonderful time.
However, while I was enjoying myself,
someone else was in a fight
for their life.

Many of you know dear
Leena Milligan-Lanteigne's
Not too long ago she and her hubby, Jim,
moved to 
Myrtle Beach, SC.
They have loved living there and have
been enjoying their lives until
Cancer raised its ugly head.

Jim is fighting for his life.

I will let Leena tell you in her own words
what is happening there.
I find it very hard to relay these bits of information as they bring me to tears. The hospital at MUSC is very nice. They gave Jim an air mattress because his tail bone is sore from being in bed so much. I talked with a regular doctor yesterday and with an oncologist today. Unfortunately, they all have the same thing to say - stage 4 cancer that originated in the pancreas and has spread to his liver. No options for treatment as his liver is not functioning well enough for chemo. The drugs would not filter out and he'd end up with chemo poisoning. Radiation is not an option as the area they'd try to treat is too big and there are too many other organs in the area that would be damaged in the process. Immunotherapy is not effective with the pancreas for an unknown reason The doctor said that he would like to do another scan to see what is going on with Jim's bile duct. He thinks that if there is a blockage somewhere, another stint might open it up and allow his liver to get rid of the bile, which would hopefully b
ring his bilirubin number down. It was 12, then went up to 20 while at Conway, Today it was 26. If the liver responds and his number gets down to around 3, they could give him chemo. The original stint was put in because the tumor was pressing against the duct. If not and things continue the way they have been, at some point , Jim will be released from the hospital and placed in a Hospice center. I asked if that happened, would he be allowed to come home for short visits and the doctor didn't know. I want him to be able to sit on the porch swing, to play with the dogs and kids, to ride in his golf cart to look at the beach - I can even rent a handicap beach wheelchair from the town and take him to the water! As long as he feels up to it, there is no reason as far as I'm concerned, not to allow him these pleasures as a matter of quality of life. He loves it here so much! I showed him a video of the ocean I took for him on my phone the other day and his whole face it up. This is so damned unfair! I have one more thing to look into but I imagine that we would he told the same things. For now, we can just pray that the doc does the scan finds a blockage and corrects it so Jim can have chemo! Tomorrow we will be down with him for the day, then we will return on Sunday and stay until Tuesday afternoon at a hotel that will allow our dogs and doesn't cost a ridiculous amount! I'd prefer to be there every day but I know that there will be a lot of medical bills to pay. It hurts not to see him every day. The last two days he's not returned my calls or texts on a regular basis like he usually does and I worry that he is getting weaker and/or more depressed. He's been following our lead so far when we say we're fighting and I hope he still is! Not sure what else to say right now so will send this out and update again soon. Love and hugs!

Please, please, pray Jim.
Pray for a healing and, if that is not to happen,
pray for peace and acceptance
of what is to come.
If you are not a pray-er, 
please send healing thoughts and 

I will be back blogging full-time
in a few days, Lord willing.

Leena and her family and I thank you.
Have a wonderful 
Fourth of July weekend.
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I am away from home
on vacation
and wasn't going to post.

my friend, Jettie, has some
serious health issues.
This is the only picture I have of her
in this computer.
In real time-she is about my age.

She is in so much pain that she 
can no longer stand and is in a wheel chair.
They are going to give her an epidural
to try and bring her some relief.

The previous treatments
she has had didn't work.
They told her that the next option 
is this epidural.

That procedure can't be performed until
the second week in July.
Meantime, she is in terrible pain.

There is no cure for her condition
and although it will not take her life
it can make her life so miserable 
that she won't be able to think about
anything else.

IF you are part of a church that has a prayer chain,
please put her name on it.
She is a Christian lady and believes,
as I do, 
in the healing power of prayer.

Thank you so much.
I promise to share some pictures of
our time away when I get home 
next week.
Meantime, say a prayer or two,
will ya?

Jettie thanks you in advance--
and so do I!

Edited to add:
Jettie just let me know that her younger sister
'blew her knee' out
and cannot stand at all.
Add one more to your prayer list, please!

I have very sporadic internet here
so don't feel bad if I don't respond
right away.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


As many of you know,
the last few weeks have been a
of activity for me.

I have been
for some life changes.

Our lives will be changing
even more in the next few months.

But--for now--
I am taking a break!
Taking a break from
I am going to 

I am headed south to the beach
with my little Maria,
my daughter, Mimi,
and her three kiddos-
We will play in the sand and the sea.
We will swim in the pool.
We will eat sticky popsicles on the shore
and wash our hands in salt water.
We will rinse the sand off our butts
and leave our sandals at the door.
If it rains we will play games
and watch cartoons.

We will relax and let schedules fall by the wayside.

I will miss you all while I am gone

This is just a break...
and not 

Y'all behave yourselves while I am gone,
you hear?

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

WE REALLY NEED SOME PRAYERS, MY FRIENDS- For Kristen & her unborn baby & Mr. Sweet (bj's hubby) & Robbin's mom

This is a LONG post-
It was planned for tomorrow but I just am feeling 
the nudge to post it today.

I just got an email from my friend, 
asking for prayer for her niece, Kristen,
and Kristen's unborn baby.
I did a post for her several weeks ago
but things have moved to a critical level.
Here is Cheryl's email- 
It speaks for itself---

Dear friends,

I am sorry to bother you today.  But, I come to you with yet another earnest petition for prayer for my dear niece, Kristen and her unborn baby boy.

Most of you have been praying for them throughout, but for those who are not familiar with what is going on, Kristen developed a blood clot in her lung early in her pregnancy.  She has been at serious risk all through the pregnancy, due to the blood clot and also severe tachycardia.  She has been on a blood thinner called lovenox through almost her entire pregnancy, and the doctors have said since day one that there is no way she should go into labor on lovenox, as the risk of her bleeding to death is very high.  The plan has always been to switch her to the blood thinner, heparin, before she gives birth, because there is an antidote shot they can give to offset the heparin, should she go into labor soon after giving herself the injection.  The fear of being on heparin is that the heparin can cross over into the placenta, whereas the lovenox cannot.  So, the concern has been to wait as long as possible to make the switch, for the sake of the baby.  If the blood thinner crosses over, it would be near-sure death for the precious little one.

What complicates things even more is that the doctors cannot come to an agreement on when Kristen's exact due date is, and Kristen feels she is farther along than any of the three of them believe she is.  The baby is already 7 1/2 pounds, so it is obvious that it won't be too much longer until she gives birth.

They made the decision yesterday to make the switch from lovenox to heparin.  The baby, who has been VERY active all throughout the pregnancy, has almost completely stopped moving.  Kristen was so concerned, so called her doctor, and they had her come in for a test.  Thankfully, the little guy did respond when they did the test, but there is very little movement, and Kristen is not feeling well at all and is very tired.  

In spite of our deep faith in God, I cannot begin to tell you how scared we all are.  Kristen is exhausted from the many months of the strain, illness, fear, and daily injections.  We know that GOD is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think, and we are just pleading with Him for mercy upon Kristen and her baby's lives and health.  We would be SO grateful if you could please pray hard for them and if you would kindly pass along this prayer request to every prayer warrior and prayer list you know or are a part of.  We are looking for GOD to do a huge miracle in this situation.  I often think of Jehoshaphat's words, "Neither know we what to do, but our eyes are upon Thee."  

Also, many of us know and love
Most of you know, her Hero- Mr Sweet-aka- Bill,
Our 54th...:)
Bill has a cancerous brain tumor.
It seems he takes one step forward 
and two steps back.
He has had some seizures and is very weak.
Please pray for him and for bj, too!
He is a good man and doesn't deserve this!

And, last but not least,
asked for prayers for her mom.
Her mom also has cancer and the treatment
has been hard on her.  
She is in a very weakened condition 
and has been in the hospital
for long periods of time.
She'll be released soon but probably
have to go to a after-care facility.
It has been very hard on Robbin.
She is close to her mom and 
monitors every move
made in her healthcare.
Pray for Robbin as well as for her mom.

Thank you so much.
I am just a messenger -
somehow God has used my big mouth
to put prayers requests out there-
which just goes to prove 
God can use anyone -
no matter how "naughty" they are!

Love to all of you -
Hope  you all have wonderful weekends.

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